Looking to Fast-Track Your Path to Weight Loss?

Are you looking to ditch the excuses and step into the most driven, healthy and happy version of yourself, without spending hours at the gym of cutting out your favorite foods? Let's see how I can help.

Looking to Take Back Control of Your Health?

Are you looking to ditch the excuses and step into the most healthy and happy version of yourself? Let's see how I can help.

Hey, I'm Schuyler. But you can call me Sky.



Thank you for visiting my website. My name's Sky and I'm so excited to have you here today.


For the past few years, I've been helping men such as yourself lose weight using a combination of mindfulness, fasting and resistance training.


Our clients have seen some incredible results (just some examples are listed below), and have melted fat without restrictive diets, without counting calories, and without any of the other garbage that has most likely made your life more stressful, frustrating & overwhelming when losing weight.


And the best part? It's worked for them even if they've struggled losing weight for years & years.


My journey started when I was 13 - I was an overweight kid bent on gaining confidence and transforming my body. The problem was, when I first got into exercising and eating healthier, I struggled for years trying to figure things out.

Since then, I've religiously researched the latest fat loss & health strategies, and after years of working with clients, I stumbled upon a strange system that massively simplifies weight loss and health.


It isn't like anything I've seen before. It doesn't leave you hungry & tired all day, it doesn't require you to cut out any of your foods, and it doesn't require hours of logging calories every week. It's seriously the most simple & effective strategy that I've seen & tried.


(And trust me, I've tried a lot).


And that's why I'm here - to help you use this little-known fat loss strategy to get in the best shape of your life. And to do it in a way that leaves you feeling better than before, and doesn't burn you out or leave your weight constantly fluctuating.


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Student Successes:

"At this point I've been able to be less critical of myself when it comes to mistakes - there have definitely been far & few, because now I can have that internal dialogue with myself."

Larry Pendleton



"The techniques Schuyler helped me with were very effective, and highly recommended. With a mentor like Schuyler I feel I have made significant progress and I’m moving in the right direction. He certainly knows his stuff and I believe he can help anyone who is willing to work on themselves."

Jamie Peters

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • What is the Fat Burn Blueprint?

    The Fat Burn Blueprint is the course that breaks down exactly how we help our clients drop weight consistently using mindfulness, fasting & resistance training. That means no counting calories, no cutting out foods, and no added stress to your weight loss efforts.

  • Why fasting?

    This is something I could go on all day about. The science behind fasting is absolutely mind-blowing. Not only are you setting up your body to consistently burn fat, but you're giving it the inputs (or lack of inputs in this case) needed to regenerate cells, optimize hormones, and a laundry list of more benefits that are going to give you a fat loss advantage.

  • Do you have any guarantees with your programs?

    Always. I want to make sure that the program you enroll in is the perfect fit for you, so if after 30 days you're not happy with your experience, you'll receive all your money back.

  • Are any of these programs a good fit for me?

    If you're looking to step onto a bodybuilding stage or get to a ridiculously low bodyfat percentage, this probably isn't right for you. BUT, if you're struggling to lose weight and build muscle, and you're looking to do it in a way that doesn't involve cutting out foods, doesn't feel restrictive, and doesn't require you to spend hours in the gym or count calories, yes, it's for you. But you can always book a call to chat.

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